Paul Mulholland And Alexander Elijah Barber

After being threatened by Facial Abuse and forced to remove our old blog, we fired back with a lawsuit of our own. SO FAR WE HAVE FOUND THAT THESE LOW LIFES HAVE HIRED 2 mentally ill “journalists” to pose as “friends” to models. Alexander Elijah Barber and Paul Mulholland have been posing as friends of models and gathering “intel” to be used against models eventually. DO NOT BE FOOLED by their seemingly “good” intentions.
What we have uncovered so far is Alexander Elijah Barber is mentally and emotionally unstable and has voluntarily and involuntarily has been committed into a mental hospital and is presumed dangerous. Another testament to to his mental instability is his numerous small claim court law suits against practically every company that’s ever crossed his path. Alexander Elijah Barber lives in California, was born in Massachusetts, and has a criminal record. He is often homeless between bipolar and schizophrenic episodes, and is obsessed with trains lol. Why does every psycho love trains. When he gathers his mental faculties, he contacts the FA guys and is back in business stalking and harassing adult actresses and trading their personal information. He even uploaded a scene from a porn site to an online obituary. This is how far he will go.
The thrice-chinned Paul Mulholland is a porn addict and spends hours everyday surreptitiously befriending cam girls and porn actresses to get intel. He pretends he is a journalist and was at the Jan 6th rally pretending to “document” it, but we all know why he was there.
Paul Mulholland is really just an employee of facial abuse with nefarious purposes. Don’t let his giant infant face fool you— he will cause you harm and will document anything and everything you say. He currently lives in Maryland, but is a NJ native like the FA guys. HMMMMM you might say? So did we when we got a hold of FA emails in discovery. Be careful fellow sex workers. BE. CAREFUL.
Both Paul Mulholland and Alexander Elijah Barber pretend online to be “Marxist Feminists” or just “Marxists” but I can assure you, as a marxist, THEY ARE NOT MARXISTS, RATHER THEY WORK FOR THE OPPRESSOR. They are just capitalist pigs like facial abuse.
Sex workers have enough attacks against them. Between the fake narrative about “Sex Trafficking” (which is really just to take money out of the hands of hard working sex workers by claiming WE have no agency to make our own choices), the recent supreme court decision on abortion, and the stigma that is part and parcel with sex work, the last thing we need is “Cuddle Fish” Like Alexander Elijah Barber and Paul Mulholland to trojan horse us.
Stay safe,
With love and in solidarity
KR 💋